Water treatment and zero discharge of wastewater

Engineering case

1. Desulfurization wastewater treatment project of Xilaifeng Power Plant in Inner Mongolia

The project is a power plant desulfurization wastewater treatment project, which integrates design, procurement, construction and trial operation. The desulfurization wastewater treatment design process adopts the triple box process, and the project implementation overcomes many challenges such as tight time and heavy tasks, and finally submits a satisfactory answer.

Shenhua Inner Mongolia Coal Coking Co., Ltd. Xilaifeng Power Plant is located in the south of Xilaifeng Industrial Zone, Hainan District, Wuhai City, Western Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The scale is 2×200MW air-cooled units, supporting 2×720t/h circulating fluidized bed boilers, two sets The units were completed and put into production in August 2010 and December 2010, respectively. The original wastewater system has a treatment scale of 4m3/h. After the transformation, the wastewater treatment scale is 15m3/h, using a triple header process. The original wastewater treatment facility will be dismantled (part of the dosing equipment will be used), and a new wastewater treatment workshop will be built in the open space on the north side of the #2 induced draft fan room. The newly built desulfurization wastewater treatment workshop is designed according to the upper and lower two floors. The upper layer is mainly sewage treatment equipment, chemical dosing equipment, and sludge dewatering equipment; the lower layer is mainly acid storage area, lime milk preparation and chemical dosing equipment, water reuse equipment, sludge transport area and power distribution room.



2. Shenhua Tianjin Coal Terminal Co., Ltd. coal-containing sewage treatment project in the dumping machine room

The project was launched in February 2019. Shandong Shenhua Company has carried out various tasks with a scientific and rigorous attitude, and actively responded to and implemented the opinions and suggestions put forward by the supervisor and the owner. The supervisor and the owner fully affirmed the work and achievements of the Shandong company, unanimously recognized the system performance and project management level, and the relevant documents met the acceptance criteria and passed the project acceptance.

Shenhua Tianjin Coal Terminal Wagon Dumper Room Coal Wastewater Treatment Project is located in Binhai New District, Tianjin. The project builds a new set of process system integrating pre-sedimentation, purification, and sludge transportation functions, which mainly treats coal-contained rainwater sewage from Wagon Tipper Room. This process effectively separates and recovers coal and water from the coal-containing rainwater collected in the dumper room area through physical and chemical methods, so as to achieve the purpose of water saving and energy saving. The system water production meets the "Urban Sewage Recycling·Urban Miscellaneous Water Quality" ( GB/T18920-2002) Water quality standards for fire fighting water.